Realtors are wonderful assets. They can help you sell your house for as much as you can get, and they can help you buy a house for as little as you have to. They are on your side. However, when you do not show them the level of respect that they deserve, they won’t work as hard to help you.

It’s human nature. People don’t understand how much realtors do, because most of what they do is done when they are by themselves. When they are looking up properties for you, making phone calls, sending e-mails. You don’t see any of the behind-the-scenes work that they do. See: Ten Things to Expect From Your Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home.

Because of this, many people often don’t treat their realtor with respect, because they think they aren’t working hard enough. Real estate agents know what they are talking about, and you should listen to them. Here are some things you must understand when working with a real estate agent. 

They work on commission. This means that if they don’t close on a property, they do not get paid. So all of the houses that you ask them to show you because your bored, they aren’t getting anything back in return for their time. Other than time they lost that they could have used on someone who actually is serious about purchasing a house.

You are not your realtor’s only client. Know that you are still important to them, it’s just that they’ve got to make every client a priority. This means you can’t always be #1. Don’t ask a realtor to help you unless you are absolutely serious about purchasing or selling a house.

The time that they spend with you is precious. Don’t make appointments with them to work, only to not show up. It’s incredibly rude. It’s very important also, to communicate with your realtor. If you like to drive together to go view properties instead of meeting with them at the address, let them know that! You can’t get mad at their form of communication if you don’t tell them upfront what you like. Nowadays, realtors really like texting because it is convenient. They can be meeting with one client, and still be able to talk to you if you have a question. If you can’t stand texting, let them know that.

Realtors love what they do. So they are happy to help. They just wish that people understood that even when they aren’t showing you a property, they’re still working to help you. All of the things they do when they aren’t with you amount to hours and hours of work. For further reading, see: Things Buyers Do That Real Estate Agents Hate.

Your Realtor Deserves Respect. Read On To Find Out How to Have a Strong Relationship

One thought on “Your Realtor Deserves Respect. Read On To Find Out How to Have a Strong Relationship

  • March 3, 2016 at 10:35 am

    Please be respectful to your realtor. you have no idea what they are doing for you at any given moment. Just because they don’t see you every minute of every day, doesn’t mean they aren’t working. Of course, you do get the realtors that put your listing at the bottom of their list, but every agent is different. Real estate gets a bad rap, but the truth is, there are bad workers in every profession. Even doctors.


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